Instructions for Filling the application Form

My responses in the application including marks entry are complete and accurate. Any information changes will be notified to the Office of Admissions in a timely manner. I am aware that my entries in the qualification fields will be carried forward for the purpose of selection.

All communication from the college (selection process and results) will be through my application status log in on the College website.

The process for filling the application form is as follows:

1. Register the basic details of the applicant and enter the correct Aadhar Number as it is used for further reference.

2. After Filing the basic details, Login to the application form using user name as Aadhar number and password which is filled in registration form

3. After Logging, read all the rules and pay the application cost of Rs 350.

4. Continue to fill the personal details, family background.

5. After filling all the details go to review page and click on final Submit to take the print of the application form.(Once final submit is clicked changes cannot be made in application form)

6. Make a note of the Application Number.

Rules For Admission

• All students must follow proper Dress code to the college.

• 90% of attendance is mandatory to appear in the University examinations.

• Students have to come to college by 8:20 am. Latecomers will not be allowed to enter the college campus.

• Attendance will be taken in every Hour.

• Married students are strictly not allowed to take admission as it will a distracting for other students. If a students is married after taking admission and before completion of the course then they are not allowed to continue in the college and their admission is deemed to be cancelled

• Boys and Girls are expected to conduct themselves with dignity and maturity in their dress, sense of discipline and in their interpersonal relationships.

• The Campus must be kept clean at all times. Students should not deface the wall, furniture etc. Damage or destruction of College property is punishable.

• Students must not attend or organise anu meeting within the campus or collect money for any purpose or circulate any leaflet among the studens or paste them on the notice board without the permission of the Principal.

• They are expected not to indulge in public activities that are of political nature.

• Students are required to carry their identity cards all the times, and the same should be produce when required by the college authorities.

• There will be periodical evaluation of the students progress in each subject. A report of this will be sent to parents or guardians.

• Students should make themselves familiar with the notices displayed from time to time on the notice board.

• Students are expected to converse only in English both inside and outside the class rooms at all times

• Ragging is strictly prohibited.

• Car, Sports bikes & Triple riding are strictly not allowed.

Dress Code

• Students aare expected to come to college dressed neatly and decently following the dress code of the college.

• The college Cultural demands that boys have to come to college with clean shaven and with proper haircut. Growing long hair is not perimitted.

• Students are expected to wear the prescribed formal dress from Monday to Saturday.

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