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Student Support Services

College gives individual attention to students in order to equip them with the required skills and to bridge the gap between the traditional curriculum and the changing employment needs.

Soft Skills
The Dept. of English, in tandem with Placement Cell, conducts classes to enhance the soft skills of our students, keeping in view the urgent demands of the corporate world. The focus is on student's communication and presentation skills. Students are allowed to use the English Language Lab in this endeavour.

Student Facilitator / Class In-Charge
A lecturer is designated to function as a focal point for solving students' problems related to studies and discipline. Students can approach the facilitator on a one-to- one basis to enhance their academic performance.

Audio Visual Lab & PA system
There is an Audio Visual room with a plasma TV and other Home Theater equipment for the students to watch some educational programmes. A good Public Address system is available on campus for seminars and presentations.

Career Guidance
It is offered to students through talks and lectures by guest faculty drawn from various disciplines.

Internet facilities
The College provides free Internet facility to faculty and students. The students are encouraged to visit the Internet room to update their knowledge and use it for their projects.

Student Feedback System
Student can administer Academic Feedback on Teaching Faculty for effective Teaching - Learning Practice.

Purified Drinking Water Facility
Every floor is equipped with drinking water facilities fitted with water coolers and Aqua guards.

Canteen Facility
A Canteen in the campus provides hygienic, nutritious and tasty snacks and meals at an affordable cost.

Parking Facilities
The College provides parking facilities for two wheelers in the campus for students and staff.

Facilities for differently abled students
Lift facility, rest rooms and waiting room for girls are available and personal help is also offered to them whenever needed.

Waiting room
Separate waiting rooms are provided for parents as well as for students.

Students who are motivated by fitness and wellness tend to have better time management skills, and research shows that being fit is good for the mind. It all ties together."