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Staff Details

Category Male Female Total
Teaching Staff 9 39 48
Non-Teaching Staff 5 10 15

Teaching Fraternity

Ms Jayanthi Pothireddy Principal MSc, B.Ed, (Ph.D) 27 principal@lfdc.edu.in
Mr.S V Vijay Reddy Computer Science MCA, M.Com 15 vijayreddy@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.Sandhya Arya Managment M.Com,MBA,APSET,LLB 19 sandhya@lfdc.edu.in
Mr.Prashanth Math M.Sc,B.Ed,TSSET(PHD) 14 prashanth@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.T.Swapna Math M.Sc,B.Ed,(PHD) 15 swapna@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.Pannaga Commerce M.Com,M.A(Eng.lit) 17 pannaga@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.Rama Devi Chemistry M.Sc,B.Ed,(PHD) 12 rhamareddy@lfdc.edu.in
Dr.J.Usha Rani Microbiology M.Sc,M.Phil,PHD,APSET,----- 25 usharani@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.Dhwani Statistics M.Sc,(PHD) 10 dhwani@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.Pranitha Commerce M.Com 8 pranitha@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.Vanitha Vhalve Commerce M.Com,MBA,Set Qualified 19 vanitha@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.Suvarna Jeevapur English M.A English 12 suvarna@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.Sheela Hindi M.A,M.Phil,Diploma in Translation 20 sheela@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.Neelima Telugu M.A Telugu,B.Ed 19 neelima@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.Gayathri Devi Sanskrit M.A Sanskrit,B.Ed 17 gayathri@lfdc.edu.in
Dr.K.Gomathi Zoology M.Sc,PHD,CSIR-UGC NET 13 gomathi@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.Thane Savarappa Pol Sci M.A,M.Phil Political Science 17 thane@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.Nagalakshmi Electronics M.Tech(DSCE) 12 nagalakshmi@lfdc.edu.in
Mr.V.Naveen Kumar Math M.Sc,M.Phil,B.Ed,(PHD) 16 naveenkumar@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.Harini French M.Sc Microbiology,B.Ed,M.A French 11 harini@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.Radha Anila Sanskrit M.A Sanskrit 14 radhaanila@lfdc.edu.in
Mr.Jayasheelan English M.A,B.Ed 10 jayasheelan@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.Rubina English M.A,B.Ed 12 rubina@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.AMENA KHATOON Commerce M.Com,B.Ed 4 amenakhatoon@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.A.Bhavani Computer Science M.Sc(CS),M.Sc(Psy) 6 bhavani@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.A.Lakshmi English M.A English 10 lakshmiandal@lfdc.edu.in
Mr.Vijay Bhaskar Computer Science B.Ed,M.Sc(Math),MCA,M.Tech(CS) 17 vijaybhaskar@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.Shajahan Physics M.Sc,(B.Ed) 6 shajahan@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.K.Swetha Computer Science MCA,B.Ed 8 swetha@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.G.Alekhya Computer Science MCA,M.Tech 11 alekhya@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.Anthoniamma Managment MBA 5 anthony@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.K.Shilpa Commerce M.Com 15 shilpa@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.P.Bhavani Computer Science MCA 8 bhavanip@lfdc.edu.in
Mr.Nobin Charly Mass Communication M.A Mass Com 3 nobin@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.P Shivanandhini Commerce M.Com 4 shivanandhini@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.Heena Asra Bio Technology M.Sc,B.Ed,APSET,(PHD) 3.5 heena@lfdc.edu.in
Mr.P.Ganesh Psychology M.A PSY,TSSET 2 ganesh@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.Husna Sultana Botany M.Sc-(Double M.Sc),B.Ed 7 a.husnasultana786@gmail.com
Ms.S.Sridevi Managment MBA,PHD,---- 2 sridevi@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.Sharon Rose English M.A English 1 sharon@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.Chamundeshwari Commerce M.Com 2 chamundeshwari@lfdc.edu.in
Mr.A.Rama Krishna Physics M.Sc 1 physics@lfdc.edu.in
Mr.Samuel Prasad English M.A English 1 samuelhendry123@gmail.com
Ms.Bharathi Commerce M.Com 1 commerce@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.A.Joshna Managment MBA,MA(Economics) 1 joshna.pimplay@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.Manjusha Statistics(PG) M.Sc,(PHD) 14 manjula@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.G.Lavanya Psychology(PG) M.A PSY(TSSET) 6 lavanya@lfdc.edu.in
Ms.D.Swetha Psychology(PG) M.A Psychology swethapsychology@lfdc.edu.in