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First Aid Cell

First Aid is an emergency care and treatment given to a sick or injured person before giving advanced medical assistance, or sending them to medical services.

Any student or staff who feels sick or getting hurt with any Injuries are sustained by the First Aid cell. The First Aid will be a help to anyone in times of need and the first aider will be able to provide emergency and immediate life saving assistance.

  • To Provide initial emergency care and treatment to sick or injured people.
  • To give medical assistance to sick people
  • To Prevent a casualty’s condition from becoming worse.
  • To Promote the recovery of the casualty
Faculty Name Designation Email Id
Ms.P.Jayanthi Reddy Principal principal@lfdc.edu.in
Mr S V Vijay Reddy NCC Coordinator vijayreddy@lfdc.edu.in
MR Prashanth M NSS Coordinator prashanth@lfdc.edu.in
Ms Prathiva Physical Director prathiba@lfdc.edu.in