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Remedial Classes

In LIttle Flower college remedial classes are on a regular basis. College conduct remedial classes to help the students who are below average and average and those students who miss their classes due to some reason and also for those who attended the classes but did not get the concept of the subject. College take an initiative to organised remedial classes for students who really need some extra attention.
All the faculty of the various departments volunteering take a class to help the student to perform in the semester exam and get benefitted. Mostly after the college time classes are conducted. The duration of over a month ensured even greater flexibility for faculty to fix their classes while taking into consideration the availability of all the interested students.


  • To identify learning gaps and the specific areas where a student is having difficulty.
  • To analysing which fundamental concepts are not fully understood and need to be.
  • To provide learning support to the students who are behind the academic performance.
  • To provide learning activity and practical experience according to the abilities and needs of students.


Faculty Name Designation Email Id
Ms.P.Jayanthi Reddy Principal principal@lfdc.edu.in
Ms Sandhya Arya Coordinator sandhya@lfdc.edu.in
Ms T Swapna Coordinator swapna@lfdc.edu.in
Ms Pannaga Member pannaga@lfdc.edu.in
Ms Rama Member rhamareddy@lfdc.edu.in
Ms Thane Member thane@lfdc.edu.in