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Internal Complaint Cell is a designated body responsible for addressing grievances and complaints raised regarding harassment, discrimination or any other misconduct within the college campus. It provides a confidential and safe space to report issues and ensures fair investigation process.

  • Ensure a safe and secure environment for all free from harassment, discrimination and any form of misconduct.
  • Build and maintain trust among students and staff by demonstrating responsiveness, fairness and integrity in handling complaints.
  • Ensure the cell complies with the college policies related to harassment, discrimination and student welfare.
  • Address grievances and complaints raised by individuals promptly and impartially without prejudice or bias and to raise awareness among students and staff about their rights, responsibilities and procedures for reporting grievances.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality throughout the complaint handling process to protect the privacy and dignity of every individual involved.
  • Take measures to prevent recurrence of incidents by addressing root causes and implementing preventive strategies.
  • Maintain accurate records of all complaints received, actions taken, and outcomes reached for accountability and transparency purposes.
  • The following are members of the Cell 2023-24
S.NO Faculty Name Designation Email Id
1 Ms.P.Jayanthi Reddy Principal principal@lfdc.edu.in
2 Ms Harini Coordinator womencell@lfdc.edu.in
3 Ms Thane Member thane@lfdc.edu.in
4 Ms Heena Member heena@lfdc.edu.in
5 Ms Swetha Member swetha@lfdc.edu.in
6 Ms.Shajahan Member shajahan@lfdc.edu.in
7 Ms Lakshmi Member Lakshmi@lfdc.edu.in
8 MsShilpa Member shilpa@lfdc.edu.in
9 Ms.Prathiva Member prathiva@lfdc.edu.in