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The faculty of Physical Education serves as a cornerstone in promoting holistic well-being and fostering a culture of health, fitness and above all it plays a vital role in nurturing students through various physical activities to develop their talent for a career. In the college, the faculty focuses on developing leadership quality, motor skills, discipline and making them fit physically and mentally to participate and practice in their specialised field of games & sports by organising inter and intra collegiate competitions.
One of the unique features of Physical Education is encouraging the teaching & non-teaching staff to participate in physical activities like games & sports and yoga on occasion of Teachers Day and Women's Day. Teaching staff have a provision of playing every day after college hours to refresh themselves mentally and physically fit in their day today life.
The students participating in national, regional and university competitions bring laurels by earning gold, silver and bronze medals for the college and the faculty.


  • To Focus on Physical, mental and emotional fitness and its implementation in social, professional, physical and recreational activities.
  • To plan and execute various sports and games tournaments like intra & inter tournaments every year in the campus.
  • To encourage students to participate in sports and physical activities not only to promote health but also to represent the institution with pride.
  • To identify talented players through selection trails, provide training by sending them to coaching camps and later to higher competitions.
  • To emphasise the importance of teamwork, fair play, sportsmanship and respect for opponents during and after competitive sports tournaments
  • To maintain and manage sports facilities, equipment, and resources to ensure they are accessible and well maintained for the staff and students.

Physical Director

Faculty Name Designation Email Id Profile
Prathiba Prusti
Experience 6 Years
Physical Director prathiva@lfdc.edu.in


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