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Women Cell is committed to ensuring the safety, wellbeing and empowerment of female students, faculty and staff. It serves as a platform for addressing issues related to gender based violence, harassment and discrimination. The cell provides a supportive environment for women to voice their concerns, office counselling and guidance. Its primary goal is to create a campus culture that fosters respect, equality and inclusivity of all genders.

  • Women Empowerment Cell - Provides support, guidance and mentorship to female students, faculty and staff.
  • Internal Compliance Committee - Address complaints of sexual harassment at work place and provide a mechanism for redressal.
S.NO Faculty Name Designation Email Id
1 Ms.P.Jayanthi Reddy Principal principal@lfdc.edu.in
2 Ms Harini Coordinator womensprotectioncell@lfdc.edu.in
3 Ms Thane Member thane@lfdc.edu.in
4 Ms Heena Member heena@lfdc.edu.in
5 Ms Swetha Member swetha@lfdc.edu.in
6 Ms.Shajahan Member shajahan@lfdc.edu.in
7 Ms Lakshmi Member Lakshmi@lfdc.edu.in
8 MsShilpa Member shilpa@lfdc.edu.in
9 Ms.Prathiva Member prathiva@lfdc.edu.in


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