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Fundamental Rights Committee constituted by the Little Flower Degree College is focused on advocating for and safeguarding the rights of marginalized groups. The committee focuses on issues related to discrimination, inequality and social injustice ensuring the protection of fundamental rights by promoting diversity and inclusion and advocates fair representation and decision-making processes. The committee encompasses SC/ST Cell, OBC Cell, Minority Cell and Electoral Cell to ensure comprehensive and equitable representation and protection of rights.

The following are the members:
S.No Name Designation Email Id
1 Ms. P. Jayanthi Reddy Principal principal@lfdc.edu.in
2 Mr. M.Prashanth Coordinator IQAC lfqac@lfdc.edu.in
3 Ms. V. Pannaga Co- Coordinator IQAC pannaga@lfdc.edu.in
4 Ms.Thane Savariappa Coordinator thane@lfdc.edu.in
5 Dr. K. Gomathi Member gomathi@lfdc.edu.in
6 Ms. Swetha Member swethapsychology@lfdc.edu.in
7 Mr. P. Ganesh Member ganesh@lfdc.edu.in
8 Mr. P. Jayasheelan Member jayasheelan@lfdc.edu.in
9 Ms. Rubina Member rubina@lfdc.edu.in
10 Ms. Heena Asra Member heena@lfdc.edu.in
11 Mr.V. Naveen Kumar Member naveenkumar@lfdc.edu.in