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The Examination committee administers all Examinations conducted in the college. The Committee is responsible for conducting mid-exams and Pre-final exams for continuous evaluation of students internally.

Two Internal Exams and practical examinations for every semester, are conducted fairly and systematically as per Osmania University's guidelines.


  • To identify the slow learners and advanced learners by continuous evaluation which helps the subject faculty to take remedial classes.
  • Helps students to self assess their academic ability and the area where they need improvement.

Role of the Committee Members:-

  • Preparation of timetables.
  • Collection of question papers
  • Displaying Time- Table on Notice board
  • Question papers have to be sent to the official mail id of the examination committee.
  • Examination Seating Plan
  • Invigilation duties
  • Ensure valuation process is completed within a week from the date of the last examination.
  • Collecting the award list and displaying it on the notice board.


Faculty Name Designation Email Id
Ms.P.Jayanthi Reddy Principal principal@lfdc.edu.in
Ms Sandhya Arya Coordinator sandhya@lfdc.edu.in
Ms T Swapna Coordinator swapna@lfdc.edu.in
Mr Prashanth Member prashant@lfdc.edu.in
Ms Pranitha Member pranitha@lfdc.edu.in
Ms Laxmi Member laxmiandal@lfdc.edu.in
Dr Usha Member usharani@lfdc.edu.in
Ms Harini Member harini@lfdc.edu.in
Ms A Bhavani Member bhavani@lfdc.edu.in
Ms Prativa Member prativa@lfdc.edu.in